After a successful wild ramp foraging trip

My interest in food started early – I have food memories stretching back from when I was 2 years old (I had a Haitian babysitter who made the BEST meatballs!).  My first cake was when I was 9 – I baked an orange cake for my father’s birthday.  It was a brick, but I was still pleased with my efforts.  (To this day, however, desserts are still my arch nemesis).

My food roots are from the Caribbean.  I have many memories of my mother's Barbadian cooking and my father's Trinidadian Sunday morning cook-ups.  Those meals have influenced my cooking and food tastes in ways that I am only coming to fully realize and appreciate.

My passion for cooking took off one summer when I was in-between the end of term at university and getting a job for the summer.  I spent hours watching cooking shows, which I always was fascinated by. One day I thought to myself, I can do that!  It was a simple recipe from a show called ‘Cuisine Rapide’ (before there was a food network) for curry rice.  My family loved it.  I couldn’t believe that I made something from TV that had actually turned out!  I absorbed so much more over the years, watching cooking shows and taking many notes in my little black book (which I still use).

While at a job in the hi-tech industry working as a software developer, I enrolled part-time in the Culinary Arts program at Algonquin College (the hi-tech bubble would soon burst, leaving my options open).  Upon completion of the program (graduating with honours from Culinary Skills and Restaurant & Catering Management), I opened a commercial kitchen which I operated for 5 years and catered many events before sadly, I had to close it down.  I wasn’t finished with food though. I got my Personal Chef Certification and began doing dinner and cocktail parties in people’s homes.  I recently added cooking workshops to my repertoire.  I love food and I enjoy sharing my food knowledge with people.  I am no expert, but I know what I like and I am passionate about what I do.  My thirst for food knowledge is insatiable. 

Some of my favourite culinary experiences to date include enjoying a traditional South African dinner in a Boma while on safari; eating shark & bake on Maracas Beach in Trinidad; devouring a plate of freshly caught crab in Punta Arenas, Chile; and enjoying a perfectly grilled steak over a campfire.  Traveling is a big part of my life and enables me to try so many different foods in different places

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Adventures in raw cooking - a delicious nut pate.