Making Paprika

Banana peppers at various stages of ripeness.  The runty one was picked to save it from the frost.
Don't you love it when someone has a great idea - that really means work for you?  I actually didn't mind...this time.  My husband has become somewhat of a green thumb when it comes to pepper plants.  This year he grew Serrano, jalapeño, sweet green peppers, Trinidadian seasoning peppers and banana peppers.  The idea was for us (me) to make paprika.  Why not?  Most of the hard work is preparing the peppers for dehydrating.  I accepted the challenge.

My husband left the banana peppers on the vine until they were red and these are what we used for the paprika.  I used a total of seven peppers in all.

First step, wash the peppers and dry with a towel.  Split the peppers in half and remove the ribs and seeds.

Next, I rigged up an indoor smoker (a pot with a colander inside so the smoke could envelope the peppers) and smoked the peppers for about an hour.  I recently acquired a Smoking Gun and it came in very handy.

After the peppers were smoked, I put them into a 200F oven for 12 hours (I am getting a dehydrator for the next time).  The peppers went from a bright red to a deep blood red colour.  Beautiful.

I put them in the Vitamix and after a few seconds in the blender we observed a paprika tornado inside.  Experiment = success.

Ground to a fine powder.  The resulting powder was a deep reddish brown and delicious.

The yield on this was about two tablespoons of paprika with a slightly smoky scent and intense pepper flavour.  I Will definitely make more next season.  Now I need to do some research on the perfect recipe to showcase the paprika.  Good call Dale :-)

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