Maui - The Return

After a long haul (YOW->YWG->YYC->OGG), we arrived a little weary, but generally in good spirits.  Thanks to Air Canada's (points redemption ticket) routing, we were able to spend some time visiting with my brother in Calgary.  We made a pit stop for some delicious roti and curry goat at his favourite local spot, then back to the airport for the last leg.

The Canadian Rockies from the plane
I was able to capture a couple of really stellar shots of the Rockies as we flew over.  It was pure luck really.  I had the blinds closed (glare was interfering with me catching up on Scandal on my tablet), and just decided to open them to see where we were.  The sight that lay below us was truly amazing.  I quickly grabbed my phone (yes, you can still take pictures when your phone is in airplane mode) and snapped a couple of quick pics.

The seven hour flight from Calgary to Maui went pretty fast.  I was able to get about three hours sleep, which helped with the groggy factor - seeing that we had about a 45 minute drive ahead of us, to our hotel.  This time we are staying at the Westin Ka'anapali just north of Lahaina.  Studio villa with kitchenette and laundry facilities (which enabled us to fly with only carry on luggage).

Our first day was a full one.  We stayed up late (6 hr time difference between Maui and Ottawa) to enable us acclimating to the time change more quickly.  We got up at 6:30 and went for a walk along the beach.  There is a beautiful boardwalk which follows along the beach.  We made it as far as the Castaway Cafe, for a delicious breakfast.  I enjoyed the Huevos Rancheros with a generous serving of pinto beans delightfully peppered with crumbled chorizo sausage.  (Bonus - saw a whale breaching in the distance during breakfast)

Later that morning, we decided to check out Napili Bay - just north of where we are staying.  An acquaintance on Twitter suggested we go to The Sea House.  After a couple of turns, we found it and walked over to investigate.  We took a server's advice and decided to return for Happy Hour later that afternoon.  The eats that were on offer for Happy Hour did not disappoint.  (I will include those details in a separate post).

We went the Fish Market afterwards to get something to prepare for dinner.  Once again the fish on offer were so beautiful.  And once again, I was tempted to snatch something right out of the case for a nibble.  We decided on the Opah (Moonfish) this time.  I also bought some garlic infused oil to grill it with.  A quick trip to the Times Supermarket completed our afternoon errands.

The sun put on a spectacular display at closing time.  A truly remarkable sunset on this day.  I almost missed it, as I was feeling lazy and didn't feel like leaving the couch.  However, the call of the conch shell roused me from my lethargy and I was rewarded with quite a show (close to sunset at this hotel, the conch shell is sounded and tiki torches around the property are lit by handsome young men in Polynesian garb).

Our grilled opah was accompanied with a saut√© of snow peas, Maui onion and oyster mushrooms.  The texture of the opah was very good.  We enjoyed the fish grilled medium (thanks to the use of several community gas grills on the property) which was seasoned with the garlic infused oil, salt and pepper.  I also grilled a couple pieces of garlic oil brushed ciabatta bread as well.

Enjoying Mai Tai's at the Sea House Bar - great view
Napili Bay
 Day 1 - A+

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