True Blue Bay Resort, Grenada

Tasty Nachos on a hot afternoon
 After a hot day on the road, in the taxi, we were glad to be heading to someplace to get some rest for our last day on the island.  True Blue Bay Resort is located on Grenada's South Coast.  It is a beautiful property with a restaurant overlooking the bay and a pool.  Our room was very nice, very comfortable.  We went to the restaurant, had some refreshments and some snacks, then back for a rest.  I was developing a nap deficiency...not good.

A first for me - fried roti strips.  They were great!
Our room - picture is leaning as I still was, from being on the boat :-)

Dodgy Dock Restaurant

While at the restaurant in the afternoon, we learned there would be a wing night that evening (I'm sure always a hit with the university crowd nearby - St. George's University Medical School), so we decided to check it out.  We were told it ran from 9pm to 10pm - sharp.

Dodgy Dock @ Night
We got the restaurant about 10 minutes before the wing feed and it was filling up quickly.  Clearly, this is a popular event.  The wings were 1 EC each (about $0.40 CDN) and beer for those who wanted, was 10 EC for 3.  We jumped in line at the stroke of nine (hey, that rhymes!) and made our way to the service window.  There was a choice of mild, medium, hot, honey garlic and BBQ.  You paid your money, grabbed your wings and off you went.  They were whole wings and very good.  Some of the best - no wonder the students were here.  True to their word, the Wing Line was shut down at 22h00.  "He who hesitates..." and all that.  A delicious and easy dinner sitting by the water - a lovely last evening on the island.
Wings by iPhone Light
A Continental Breakfast was included in the rate (there was also an omelet station).  I do wish we had more time to explore all that True Blue Bay had to offer.  But I will say that the food we had was delicious, the staff were friendly and courteous and I would return.

With all of these stops, it almost felt like we had many mini-vacations during our stay.  It was great!  But, back to reality.  My sailing adventures will have to continue at my local sailing club.  I got to have a little bit of practice and reaffirmed my new love of being on the water.  A couple of nights back in Barbados, then homeward bound and back to reality.  Next time?  A catamaran...right L?

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