Clark's Court Bay, Grenada

Lower Woburn, Grenada

We had a nice sail down to this Southern part of the island.  This bay is very well protected - there were a few boats that looked like they probably spent the summer in there - it was that protected.  Sailing around tiny Hog Island, we entered the bay and began looking for a mooring buoy.  This is always interesting.  One person at the helm, and the rest of us trying to spot a buoy early enough (so as not to have to turn around).  We thought we spotted one, had the hook out and were about to tie off when a guy in a dingy came up to us.  A kind gentleman (Sylvain - a fellow Canadian no less) informed us that that particular buoy was under repair.  Drat.  He kindly directed us to another one close by and helped us get settled.  Friendly welcome.

Again, it was very hot today (about 35C).  We wanted to go for a swim right away, but decided to get our supplies before we relaxed for the evening.  We had read in the guide book that there was a deli here where we could get some supplies.  We made our way to shore, parked the dinghy on the 'correct' side of the dock (the left side), and made our way up the hill to the Whisper Cove Marina.  Beautiful bar and a serene view of the bay from up here.  This is where we would find the Meat & Meet Shop - Butcher Shop and Deli.  There was a small unassuming door in the back with a small window and a sign - I pulled on the handle and we stepped inside Nirvana.  We had walked into a giant walk-in refrigerator.  It is really remarkable that this place is here.  Most of the space is work space - stainless steel counters, refrigeration, stove.  The scorching heat of the day was quickly a distant memory.  Two individuals clad in white butcher uniforms were behind the counter.  'Bonjour' they said and a chorus of 'Bonjour' was our reply. For a small shop, there was quite an array of pasta, sauces, breads and in-house prepared meats/sausages and the like available.  A butcher shop that buys grass-fed animals, which are raised locally, and prepares some tasty meats - what a foodie paradise.  We were even able to score some fresh herbs for our dinner that evening.  We purchased some merguez sausage (my favourite whenever I can find them) and some produce then sadly, my time in this chilled bliss was over.

We slowly exited, bid 'Adieu' to Gilles (proprietor) and went to have a libation.  While we were enjoying our refreshments, we couldn't help but be drawn to the smell of smoke - the food kind.  Gilles also smokes his own hams here.  Amazing.
Beautifully crafted bar - Meat & Meat shop in the back.

We took the dinghy over to the far end of the bay, Lower Woburn, and did a bit of exploring.  There is not much going on here.  A small village, a few shops - very quiet and low key.  We picked up a few other provisions - always trying to spread around our commerce when in quieter ports of call.  I (un)gracefully got back into the dinghy and back to Finesse.  Note to self:  getting in and out of a dinghy in a skirt, probably not the best idea - at least I was among friends. :-)

Last Stop - Grenada

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