Tyrell Bay, Carriacou

After our (now) daily morning ice delivery and a breakfast of BLT's, we were on our way.  With guidance from Captain Rob, I got to navigate this short leg of the trip (about 6 miles).  It was a relatively easy sail (using our trusty chart plotter).  Let's be clear - we're not talking sailing like in White Squall, but for me a big step and a much larger boat than the 22' sailboats from our sailing club.  We arrived in the harbour and anchored.  Easy peasy!  (Whew, now I could relax LOL).

Rob headed ashore to customs, as we were now in Grenadian waters - and we just enjoyed the swing of the boat and the relatively overcast day (which didn't last), which was a break from the usual scorching temperatures.  When he got back (about an hour later), we took the dinghy ashore to get some lunch.  We managed to find a place within walking distance (ironically the same place Dale and I had eaten at the year before!) - we were thankful for the shade.  Lunch was simple but delicious.  Fried fish of the day (king fish), rice and peas, potato salad, tossed salad and gravy.  Yum.

After lunch, and a merciful break from the hot sun, we went in search of some provisions - as we did not plan on staying in this bay.  We found a couple of grocery stores (across from each other, no less) and stocked up for the next day.  The selection of food stuff is pretty good on these small islands.  Granted, if you are looking for fresh mushrooms or asparagus, you are out of luck.  But, if you eat what the locals do, you will be pleasantly surprised.  Fresh produce, fresh baked bread and snacks.  The meat will almost always be frozen, but we have never had any surprises upon thawing.

Trekked back to the boat, hauled anchor and we were on our way to Tyrell Bay, which is a large bay on the west side of the island.  My family and I had visited this part of the island on land last winter, so it was nice to see it from the sea side.  Having a copy of the Windward Islands Cruising Guide on board is very handy.  It has everything from charts to marine services to shore side activities.  So many great tips on the islands like how to approach, what to look out for and generally what to expect.  One of the tips about coming into Tyrell Bay was to expect a visit from a local named Simon.  We did indeed meet him as we were anchoring.  He had some interesting goods for sale including oysters and Chilean wine.  None of us felt intrepid enough to try them - even the avid seafood eaters amongst us.  With a fairly big sail the next day to Grenada, no one  wanted to chance it.

We spent a quiet evening enjoying the sunset, cocktails and dinner (chicken on the BBQ) - including a sparkling wine toast to the birth of our friends' newest granddaughter Beatrice, whose birth her grandparents missed, but there were lots of pictures to fill the gap until their eventual meeting.
Tyrell Bay, Grenada

Next Stop:  Clark's Court Bay

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