Union Island & Happy Island

Happy Island at Union Island, St. Vincent & The Grenadines

After another 'rolly' night in Saltwhistle Bay, we headed out bright out and early for the Tobago Cays Marine Park.  It is a short sail from Mayreau and so beautiful.  The shades of blue are astounding. You feel very peaceful here.  We anchored here for some breakfast and a bit of snorkeling (truth be told, I had a nap...).  When the others returned, we made our way over to Union Island.  The wind was a little choppy and it was making it difficult to 'stay in one place' and suss out a mooring buoy.  As with several other islands, there appeared someone racing towards us in a boat, happy to assist...

Tobago Cays Marine Park

We paid the mooring fee (which, curiously, is different at every island) and relaxed for a while.  Union Island is another small island (population 3,000, 3 square miles) which belongs to St. Vincent and The Grenadines.  The capital, Clifton, is where you need to go to clear customs and get any provisions you may need for the next leg of your journey.
Approaching Union Island

In Clifton Harbour, you will find Happy Island, a man made island.  The island was built by a guy named Janti, (started in 2002), using conch shells (lambi).  It is quite a place and worthy of a visit.  It is small, rustic and wonderful.  We pulled up in our dinghy and didn't think it was even open (it was around 2pm)!  Upon hearing our motor, things sprang to life and up popped the door to the bar.  We were very glad it wasn't a wasted trip.  A kind man helped us tie up the dinghy and we were on our way to a delightful couple of hours.
View from Happy Island to Union Island

We ended up have several local beers and several of Janti's Rum Punches (contrary to what Anthony Bourdain had to say during his visit, the rum punches were the best!) and an amazing lunch of fresh fried tuna (my first time having it fried and it was amazing - perfect seasoning, just amazing), rice and very lush, fresh salad.  I think it felt special because we were the only ones there that afternoon.  Our paradise bubble was soon popped by the arrival of other Happy seekers.  It was all good though - we came, we saw, we drank, we ate, we left Happy.  We returned to the boat for a swim and some relaxation.  Dinner that evening was on board - penne with meatballs (from delicious leftover 'Rob Burgers') and a truly stellar garlic cheese bread.  I slid into my bunk quite content.
Michot mixing up our rum punches
Local delicacy
Our tasty lunch - Nicole, you're a star - excellent lunch!

At 07h50 sharp, was the arrival of our bread and ice (arranged the previous day).  We went ashore for some breakfast and found a small place that looked not too busy - Big City.  We made our way upstairs and had a very reasonable and delicious breakfast.  Special bonus - the discovery of fresh made chicken wings.  We all but cleaned them out, bought some biscuits as well, and were quite pleased with ourselves and our find.  Lunch was going to be delish at our next stop.  We found an ATM and the small market in Clifton for some fresh produce.  When you shop and these stalls, do your best to spread your commerce around - I know they appreciate it.  We were able to get some beautiful tomatoes, lettuce, and herbs at one stall and some handmade charcoal at another.  We headed over to clear customs, then headed back to the boat and were on our way.
Downtown Clifton
View from steps at Big City Restaurant.
Palm Tree on Happy Island

Next stop:  Petite Martinique.

P.S.:  Check out Happy Island's Facebook page

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