Petite Martinique & Petit St. Vincent

Petit St.Vincent (PSV) and Petite Martinique are two very small islands you will encounter on your sail south to Grenada.  Petite Martinique belongs to Grenada, while Petit St. Vincent belongs to St. Vincent. PSV is a private island resort with a beautiful bay.  Petite Martinique is a great stop to pick up supplies.  Petite Martinique is very, very quiet.  There were not too many boats here.  We anchored long enough for lunch (our delicious chicken wings and biscuits we brought from Union Island) and to go ashore for a bit of quick sight seeing.

Crispy, not greasy, a little spicy and perfectly seasoned.  No one uttered a word as we devoured our find.
Chicken Wings from Big City on Union Island

We had a quick visit from the local floating salesman - this time it was 'Captain Scrumms' and he was selling some enticing looking, fresh caught, Caribbean lobster.  We arranged for him to meet us over at PSV later for our delivery (and for the ever necessary ice - cocktail hour soon cometh!).
Captain Scrumms with our catch of the day
We took our dinghy to the main pier , then we walked the pier into town.  There were children in school and a few locals working around the dock.  And, of course, the usual Caribbean wildlife - sleepy stray dogs and sheep.  We didn't really encounter anyone while we were walking about (it was the middle of the afternoon).  Older children and many adults would have been off island - at school or working (having been ferried off island in the mornings).  We found a store that was remarkably well stocked with almost anything a boater would need, and at quite reasonable prices.  We picked up some staples (aka beer) and continued exploring.  We found a small restaurant and stopped in for some rum punch and free WiFi (had to have my fix).  The boys headed back to the boat to get in the queue for some fresh water, while we stayed behind for some quiet time.  These free WiFi spots are great as even though you may have purchased a data plan from your carrier at home, you would be surprised how fast you can chew it up!

Painted conch shells adorn a fence
Small cemetery
The Main Street

Once back on the boat, we set sail for the short trip over to the harbour at Petit St. Vincent. We dropped anchor amongst a small group of boats and quickly got changed for a swim.  We saw a few other boats we recognized that were following the same route that we were.  The boys went snorkeling and we girls got back to practicing some island mixology.  I have to say that we were becoming quite the experts.  After enjoying a Ti-Punch on Canouan, I began playing around with different combinations.  I don't drink pop, and it was not as easy to find fresh coconut water here as it is on Barbados, so I had to get creative.  You would be surprised by the goodies you can come up with using what is on hand.  In a large glass, I muddled 1/2 a bumpy lime (these taste closer to Meyer lemons, than limes), with 1 tablespoon of Agave syrup (yes, we brought some with us LOL), and 1.5 oz white rum.  Topped off with some fresh water, ice and another twist of lime (a really good stir) and voila - my own Ti Punch.  This drink worked well with tequila also.  It was so refreshing.  I wonder if it can be re-created back home in Almonte??  Hmmm...

A short while later, we heard/saw Captain Scrumms in the distance and knew that our lobster was on its way.  We purchased a 2-1/2 pound lobster and kept it in a bucket of sea water until it was time for him to be dispatched.  When that time came, I made it as quick as possible.  I brought a cutting board outside, and my knife.  The best way is dispatch them is to quickly insert the knife between the lobster's eyes and bring the knife down and forward, essentially splitting the brain. Once that was done, I used a towel to separate the tail from the body.  I don't find much use for Caribbean lobster heads, especially on a boat, so overboard it went.   He didn't die in vain, he became part of a delicious dinner of lobster and mushroom risotto with garlic bread. which we enjoyed on board.   We spent the balance of the evening listening to the Canadiana Playlist on my iPod (Gordon Lightfoot, Burton Cummings, The Guess Who, Neil Young), sipping some bevvies and enjoying the solitude that is Sailing.

The lightly poached lobster for the risotto
Next stop: - Carriacou.

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