Bequia: Lobster Pizza

Schooner Friendship Rose
After spending a very rolly night in the harbour at Mustique, it was a very early rise.  The boys went ashore for some ice and other provisions, then back for brunch on board and Caesars (yes, you can find plenty of Clamato in The Grenadines).  We set sail around 10h15 for Bequia.

Shipwreck on the southwest side of Bequia
The Town of  Port Elizabeth, Bequia - at Admiralty Bay
We got to Bequia after a relatively easy 2 hour sail.  We pulled into harbour at Port Elizabeth and began searching for a mooring ball.  There is always someone to come out and help you tie on, and collect the appropriate fee - which seems a tad flexible and very dependent on the harbour.
Boatside service for just about anything!
The boys headed ashore to take the garbage.  Upon their return, the four of us got into the dinghy and headed to shore for our long awaited lunch at Mac's.  There was some guy waiting for us there, who offered to watch our dingy.  Often times I am not sure how to deal with these characters - some of whom are quite nice, others a tad on the mangy side.  This guy was the latter - including wearing a pair of quite scandalously vacuous shorts showing glimpses of things that should have only been meant for his physician's eyes. Shudder.

We made our way along the Belmont Walkway, to the end, to Mac's.  It was H-O-T today.  We meandered up the stairs, got a table, ordered some rum punch and conch fritters then the pièce de résistance - the lobster pizza.  For those of you have not had the pleasure of Mac's pizza, it is quite a treat.  I am always very glad that we get there during lobster season - it would be a disappointing trip for us otherwise.  Don't get me wrong, they do serve other delicious things, but we came all this way for the pizza, and it did not disappoint.

We ordered a large lobster pizza with garlic.  The pizza is quite simple - crust, a savoury tomato sauce, lobster, cheese and slivers of garlic.  Thankfully clearer heads prevailed or there may have not been pictures of this stellar event.  Now, if you are an aficionado of a meat lover's style pizza, you may not find the bold flavours you are looking for here.  This pizza is all about one thing - the lobster.  I don't want any other toppings to distract me from that.  I would even consider skipping the garlic, if it didn't add such pungent goodness.  Each mouth watering bite is a tantalizing balance of crust, cheese, tomato, garlic and lobster.  For those who found the ambient heat not enough, there was a bottle of Erika's hot sauce on the table.  As enjoyable as it was having lunch with my husband and friends, one bite of the pizza took me to a tasty island of solitude as I enjoyed my bounty.  Yes, it was worth the detour to come here for this meal.
Mac's Large Lobster Pizza
After our lunch, we slowly meandered back down the Belmont Walkway, into town to find the grocery store. We managed to spot Raleigh Bynoe (of Jump-In taxi - he's awesome!) - our taxi driver from 2009.  He remembered us as well - a few 'hello's then on our way for some provisioning.

After stocking up, giving a couple of EC's to 'The Character', we took the dinghy back, unpacked our stuff and enjoyed a refreshing swim off the back of the boat.  The rest of the afternoon was spent very leisurely - reading, snoozing and sipping Ti Punch.  We had all been to Bequia a couple of times before, so decided to skip a sight seeing tour of the island.  The evening culminated in some tasty BBQ turkey burgers (courtesy of our skipper - well done!) on our little charcoal barbecue.  A nice, quiet evening, watching the boats beside us swing in unison.


  1. Well at least The Character did a great job of eying on your dinghy until you get back. What a delicious-looking pizza you got there.

  2. In the end he was harmless and we didn't feel too violated turning over $5 EC - it was worth it just have to chance to have that pizza. It was delicious!