O'o Culinary Farm, Maui

Had a great visit here for some foraging and lunch during the O'o Farm's tour and luncheon.  We arrived at the farm for the start of the tour at 10h30 and were met by Richard Clark, Farm Manager.  We were led on a tour through the grounds and I was amazed by the variety of things growing up there.  Citrus trees, coffee, herbs and a large assortment of vegetables including tomatoes, beets, beans, chards, lettuces, avocados and edible flowers.  It was a little surreal up there at times during the tour as I felt as though we were walking through the clouds.

Coffee Beans

Coffee Plants
Chameleon - first one I've seen in the wild
We had the opportunity to pick some fresh greens that were to be used in our lunch, in addition to the treats that were being prepared by chef JJ Johnson.  We were drawn to the coffee roaster by the lovely smells of fresh roasting beans (recently picked).  They sell their coffee at several places on the island (check their website).  A few free range chickens were also present - each hen will produce one egg per day.  This interested many - the potential for urban chicken coops.
Freshly roasted coffee beans

Lunch, prepared in an outdoor kitchen, consisted of a very fresh mixed green salad (we did just pick most of it ourselves, afterall), local mahi mahi with Maui onions, fresh fennel and vegetables and tofu with fresh shaved beets and greens.  Fresh made bread rounded out the meal.  For dessert we were treated to freshly made hand-rolled Hawaiian chocolate truffles which were coated with chopped fresh macadamia nuts.  For the coffee enthusiasts, some fresh brewed coffee, served French-press style.  You can bring your own wine, which we forgot about, but it didn't diminish from the delicious meal.
Can't wait until spring at home!
Aren't those candy cane beets beautiful?
Mahi mahi with vegetables
Tofu with herbs, beets and greens

Although the day was cloudy, with a slight drizzle, the farm tour was well worth it.  If you go, wear proper footwear (as I did not, but managed ok in my Croc flip flops) and bring a light jacket, just in case.  It was nice to get a taste of gardening when I know at home a snowy welcome awaited us.

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