Thursday Best Bite - Table 40 (Fraser Cafe)

Profiteroles w/ Chocolate Sauce & Raspberry Ice Cream

Where:  11 Springfield Road, Ottawa, Ontario

What:  Monday Night Dinner - Family Style

Comments:  First time here the other night celebrating a friend's birthday.  It was packed - glad we had reservations.  The concept is this:  every Monday night they serve a set menu, family style.  We were a group of 5 and were promptly seated.  There are two seatings - 6:30 and 8:30.  We were at the early seating and had to remind ourselves to leave in time for the next seating - we were having such a great evening.

First course was a minestrone soup accompanied with garlic cheese toast (which was crispy, just slightly salty and wonderful).  A beautiful pot was brought to the table and we ladled out steaming bowls of the hearty soup.  Bonus?  Seconds on demand!  Even so, there was a little left that was wrapped up for leftovers.
Minestrone w/ Garlic Cheese Bread
Second course was a wooden board laiden with food.  Savoury and flavourful pancakes (it was a game for us to try and ascertain the ingredients - I suppose we could have asked, but what fun would that be?) which were moist, and so delicious that a hush fell over the table.  On top of the pancakes were slices of the most tender, aromatic smoked duck breast with a hint of BBQ flavour.  My oh my.  Beside the duck breast, on a bed of wilted rainbow chard, were confit duck legs.  Dazzled by the legs, I missed the rainbow chard on my first go round.
Smoked Duck Breast, Confit Duck Legs, Savoury Pancake
For the dessert course we were presented with a small mountain of profiteroles, drizzled with chocolate and sitting on top of a fragrant (orange) pastry cream.  A chilled bowl of scoops of raspberry ice cream were their companion.

Informal dining, great service (our waiter James kept things moving along with a great sense of humour), delicious food, good friends.  Can't ask for too much more on a Monday night - great way to start the week.

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