Aloha and Loco Moco

After what seemed like a marathon set of flights, we arrived on Maui on time at 21h35 local time.  The car rental process was very easy and we were soon on our way to the resort.  After a couple of wrong turns (rambling around in the dark, difficult to read the microprint on the map LOL), we made it.  We are staying at the Westin Ka'anapali Ocean Resort for a few days (some friends are also staying here), then moving a little ways up the beach for the remainder of our stay. Our accommodations are lovely - a one-bedroom suite with a full kitchen (bonus!), washer/dryer (which I knew and why we only had carry-on baggage on the flights down) and the biggest washroom I have ever seen.  Spoiled.  We were able to take advantage of a great deal which we got through a friend and we're fortunate and grateful.

We started the day with a delicious breakfast at a restaurant up the beach called Castaway (about a 10 minute walk from here).  I enjoyed a Loco Moco for breakfast - a local dish.  Different, but delicious.  Rice, a hamburger patty, brown gravy with onions and 2 eggs.  Very tasty and we'll return there for breakfast as the prices are good, staff friendly and the view was awesome - a few feet from the ocean looking out onto Moloka'i and Lana'i.  We were hoping to spot a whale, but were a few minutes too late. It is now whale season here, so I'm sure there will be another opportunity for viewing.

Had to leave some of the rice, but the gravy, eggs and patty were plenty!
After breakfast, we took the resort shuttle to Lahaina and did a bit of shopping - provisions for the kitchen mainly.  We found the Safeway a tad expensive, but were expecting higher prices here.  We got back to our room, put our stuff away and hopped into the car for some more adventures.  We drove a little further north and found another grocery store - the Times Supermarket.  Much more reasonable prices and great variety of meat, fish, produce and wines.  A little further up the road was The Fish Market, which we were happy to see.  A small store front selling fresh seafood on one side and take-out on the other side.  We bought two yellowfin tuna steaks ($22/lb) that looked so fresh I was tempted to pinch off a taste, right off of the scale!  They also had for sale some homemade garlic oil, which I thought would be delicious rubbed onto the tuna, to go on the grill.

We got back to the resort, did a bit more exploring, then it was time for some relaxation and some beverages.  We discovered a local rum, Koloa Kaua'i Gold, and purchased some coconut water (the same brand we are able to purchase at home), and sat on the balcony enjoying the view.

There are gas grills downstairs that we were able to use to make our dinner.  While I was preparing our meal, my husband was below putting a nice sear on the tuna.
Large gas grills complete with night light!
Our dinner was steamed rice, snow peas sauteed in garlic oil with oyster mushrooms, onion and snow peas - and the tuna served with a store-bought salsa verde.  Some of the most beautiful, fresh tuna we have ever enjoyed.  We are looking forward to heading back to The Fish Market and continued exploration.  Stay tuned!

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