Ahi Poke

Our adventure today included an excellent boating excursion with the Pacific Whale Foundation, an organization whose goal it is to help preserve the ecosystem here in the Pacific.  We were fortunate enough to see about 20 humpback whales on their migration from Alaska down to the Maui.  Not close enough for any good pictures, but beautiful and powerful nonetheless.  We also got to experience a group of about 100 Hawai'ian spinner dolphins frolicking about.  We were supposed to snorkel, but talk of 70F water temperatures was not very encouraging.  A wetsuit to snorkel?  Nope.  We enjoyed the view topside and some conversation with some people we met from San Diego.

Upon our return, while walking along the pier, we passed a boat that had just returned from a fishing charter (that would be awesome to do, if we had the time) that was preparing their catch of the day.  There was an elderly Hawai'ian gentleman with a pile of fish cubes on a cutting board.  At first I thought it was bait.  We stopped for closer inspection and he told us it was Poke (pronounced Pok-eh), a Hawai'ian dish.  He encouraged us to have a morsel. It was tender and succulent.  It was ocean-cool,  indicating to me that it was just cut up (the fisherman confirmed).

Of course, you know I had to go buy some of this now.  We returned to The Fish Market clearly just in time, as a customer ahead of me in line almost bought the remainder of the store's fresh poke.  We bought the rest and had the guys mix a fresh batch of chile sauce to go with it.  Fresh cubes of ahi tuna, sesame oil, light soy sauce, flaked salt, green onion, maui onion and chile.  The best thing I ate for the day.

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