Thursday Best Bites - The Red Fox, Perth

What:  Hot Turkey Sandwich

Where:  The Red Fox Restaurant Tavern, 80 Foster Street, Perth, Ontario

Comments:   This restaurant has become a favourite of my in-laws and I recently found out why.  Reasonably priced, homemade, delicious food and courteous, friendly service.  I had the opportunity to visit a few weeks back and I was not disappointed with what they had to offer.  I decided to go 'Old School' and ordered the Hot Turkey Sandwich (open-faced).  I asked our server if the turkey was fresh - she informed me that they cook about 5 whole turkeys each week.  Music to my ears.  What a bonus - being able get freshly prepared roast turkey all year round - yay!  (insert sound of heels clicking together)

My sandwich arrived, covered in a delicious turkey gravy.  Generous morsels of oven-roasted turkey breast served with my choice side of potato and the vegetable du jour (thankfully not green peas, which I absolutely loathe).  It was everything I could have asked for.  Rich, hot and tasty and reminiscent of a Thanksgiving leftover sandwich I called Hot Turkey Love (see photo at bottom of post).
Open-faced Hot Turkey Sandwich with Baked Potato

If you have not recently experienced small town hospitality, check it out.  I tasted my husbands Salisbury Steak and I know what I am ordering on my return visit.

Salisbury Steak w/ Fried Onions and Gravy - next time!

My own tribute to Hot Turkey Love (Thanksgiving '11)
There are also other tasty treats on their menu including a very nice crispy fish and chips, plump juicy wings, burgers, sandwiches, quesadillas and more.  If you enjoy dining where the food tastes home-made and also happens to be delicious, check out The Red Fox for some comfort food.

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