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What:  Salmon Gravlax Sandwich

WhereArt-Is-In, 250 City Centre, Bay 114, Ottawa, Ontario

Comments:  After all these months and hearing delicious tales from friends who frequent (DK in particular), I finally made it out for lunch.  It is a little overwhelming walking in there at first - in a good way!  Shelves of fresh bread, staff flitting about busily ensuring the shelves are stacked and customers being served.  I arrived and met a friend for lunch.  I chose some bread to bring home first, then proceeded to order lunch.

The system is this:  select a numbered sign, choose your lunch, then dessert (if you desire), pay and pick a seat.  The staff will bring your meal to your (now numbered) table.  I chose something light on this day and had the salmon gravlax sandwich.  I love making gravlax, and love even more when I get to enjoy it from someone else's hand.  The bread was the perfect choice - not too thick (I detest a bulky sandwich with bread so hard it scrapes the roof of my mouth - ick), the perfect accompaniment for my sandwich.  Gravlax, tomato, creme fraiche, capers, arugula and red onion (don't quote me on the creme fraiche - I don't remember...I was dazzled by the salmon...)  I sampled my dining companions pork belly burrito - yum.  Tender pork, black beans (my favourite - I love legumes!), rice and guacamole all on a house made tortilla shell.

Salmon Gravlax Sandwich
You may or may not find this sandwich if you visit - the menu changes frequently, always fresh.  Let it be a pleasant surprise when you arrive!

I brought a cookie back for my husband - chocolate walnut.  He said, with a grin, that it was the richest tasting cookie that he had ever eaten.  Good choice.

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