Hog Wild Pork Fest Renfrew 2012

This past long weekend was the first annual Hog Wild Fest held at the Fairgrounds in Renfrew, Ontario.  I only had a couple of hours free, but decided to make the drive out to check it out.

While I wasn't able to stay for the judging and the pig roast dinner (next time), I wanted to check it out to see what was being offered and to talk to some of the competitors.  There were also many beautiful motorcycles and various other pleasure crafts on display.

I wandered through the grounds - there were two vendors selling food and a popcorn tent.  The competitors were in the midst of cooking chicken and ribs for the judging that would take place a few hours later.  The smells of the BBQ's and the smoke were wonderful.  It was a beautiful pre-summer day and a great day to check it out.

I am thoroughly enamored by Southern BBQ (specifically Memphis style) and love cooking it so I was primarily interested in every one's BBQ set up.  For the whole hog roasters, we saw a variety of homemade devices with small motors rotating the whole hogs to ensure even cooking.

For the chicken and ribs, people had brought a variety of types of BBQ's - Webber kettle grills, Webber Performers, the Big Green Egg and others.  The mood among the participants was light and all those I approached with my camera were happy to let me snap a few pics.  Although, I was hesitant to ask people to open their BBQ's, a couple were more than happy to.  Achieving perfect BBQ is a delicate balance of heat, smoke, seasonings and sauce.  While the whole hogs we saw cooking were cooking around 425F for 5 hours, the ribs were more into the low and slow range of about 225F.  I do honestly wish we could have stayed to try the hogs.

Looking forward to heading out again next year.  Nice to see more BBQ events happening in and around the Nation's Capital.  There is another event Saturday, May 26, 2012 at the Rideau Carleton Raceway in Ottawa put on by the Canadian Southern BBQ Association.  I can't be there, but you should check it out!  You can visit their site and see what else is coming up.

Pulled pork and Brisket in foreground from Sledzz Smokin BBQ

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