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Beef Taco

First visit here today with my sister.  Wow.  Delicious, fresh, authentic tasting tacos.  There are other things on the menu, but this is all I had time for today.  I must go back.

 We got there early as I didn't want to have to wait for my food...ahem.  Eric (the gentleman behind the counter) inquired if it was our first time and explained the types of tacos (including telling us that the blue corn tortillas have a small percentage of flour in them...good to know if you can't have wheat).  We made our selection, then he asked us to take a seat and he would bring them right over.  The seating area is small, about the same size as other seating areas in this 'mall' in the Byward Market - about 12 plus 4 at the counter.

Pork Taco

I had the 3 tacos for $7.50 (+ tax).  One chicken, one beef, one pork on white corn tortillas.  Each taco came with refried beans, your meat of choice and a healthy serving of very fresh pico de gallo.  There are several sauces available as well, for you to dress your taco.  The jalapeno garlic sauce and the chipotle were my favourites. My favourite was the beef taco - it had a hint of something sweet and wonderful.

I have to dedicate a paragraph to the guacamole.  Too often when I have guacamole, while it is fresh, it is usually devoid of any real flavour - except avocado.  This one was a standout for me - tasted better than the way I like to make it!  I could taste the goodness of talented, authentic hands.  It was fresh, creamy, no one flavour stood out as overpowering.  There were small chunks of tomato, peppers, cilantro and a hint of fresh lime.  It was not pureed into a mousse texture (because to me that is just plain wrong), but into a delicious creamy scoop - able to suspend the other flavours quite nicely.  I ate my portion, then I ate my sister's portion as well.

If you've traveled to countries where these are street food, you won't be disappointed.  If you haven't yet traveled to these places, you are in for a treat. 


I am already planning on many return visits - yes, it's worth the drive from my way west end nest.

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