Grenada - Gouyave Fish Fry

Paul's Restaurant - Gouyave, Saint John

Gouyave is the third largest fishing village on the West Coast of Grenada in the parish of Saint John.  It is not much bigger than the town of Almonte, where I live.  Originally named Charlotte Town by the British, the name was later changed by the French to Gouyave because there were so many guava trees.

We stopped in this small village on the way back from visiting family.  It was Independence Day and not too many things were open, however, we found a place that was open and ready for business.  We found Paul's Catering and Restaurant where we enjoyed another great lunch.  The place was small, not fancy, but clean and inviting.  (We were just so appreciative that something was open on this holiday!).

Lunch and Dinner Menu
Paul, the proprietor, ran the bar and ran the kitchen.  I must say that the level of service we experienced there was something that could easily rival restaurants in larger towns.  In a timely fashion, we ordered our drinks and enjoyed them on the patio while our lunches were being prepared.  Our food was ready in about 30 minutes.  I thought the timing was perfect and the food was worth the wait (and there were 8 of us who ordered hot lunches).  We were served with a smile and you could see the pride in the owner's face as we enjoyed his fare.  The food was rustic, local and above all else - delicious!  We were happy to support a local business and were once again stunned at the affordability of what we enjoyed.  We showed our gratitude as is customary in restaurant$ - it was worth every penny.
Ocean Gar, rice & peas, callaloo, ground provisions, salad
Curry Chicken Roti

Each week, on Fridays, there is a Fish Fry.  It is a big deal and draws large crowds.  Be forewarned, if you are not a fish lover, there may not be too much for you to enjoy.  This festival is all about the fish.  Fresh, delicious, grilled, fried, baked, skewered - so many types and preparations, I cannot even mention.  I will say that it was worth the 1 hour bus ride from Grand Anse (changing buses in St. Georges) to be able to enjoy it.

The Fish Fry is set up in an L-shaped alley.  There are tent canopies set-up along the walls with tables piled with food.  We didn't even know where to begin.  Your immediate thought is 'One of those, two of those, a bite of those...', but we wanted to at least make it to the end of the array of vendors, so tried to be a little more decisive in the beginning.

Delicious tuna kebabs

The first thing we tried, (which Dale scoped out), was a vendor selling fish kebabs.  A 12" skewer of 1" cubes of fresh tuna, alternating with chunks of fresh pineapple and sweet onion.  I was intrigued by the notion of having tuna and pineapple together, but I needn't have worried - it was absolutely delicious and moist!  I would never have thought to put the two on the same skewer, but it worked.  Other delicious things we tried:  Lambi Waters (a delicious broth with vegetables and lambi (conch)), small fried Jacks, fish pies, fried bakes, lobster chow mein, baked potatoes, and more.  It was a tasty evening.

Hot, fresh food.

Lobster Chow Mein
Fish Pies
Once again - so much delicious food - only one stomach. 

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