Grenada - Carriacou

A look from up high on Carriacou
On a whim, we decided to take the ferry over to Carriacou for the day.  There is a flight available on SVG Air, however, we didn't want to spend too much money getting there and thought the crossing would be fun.

It started out as a nice, calm ride as we left the harbour at St. Georges.  By the time we got to open water, the boat was rolling and rolling.  I looked over at some of my travel companions and the looks that were returned to me were not so amiable.  Ahh - family :-)  I teetered my way up front, opened the door and went out onto the bow deck.  My husband, father, brother and cousin were already out there.  As the boat dipped, I lurched forward and grabbed onto the forward railing.  I resisted the urge to yell 'I'm the king of the world!!', held on and enjoyed the ride.  It was exhilarating.  The sun, the ocean spray on my face, sighting schools of flying fish - all truly amazing.  Did I ever mention how much I love the water? I felt like this is what it would feel like on a bucking bronco or riding a dolphin.  Again, not so awesome for some inside the ferry, but hey - there was nothing I could do, so I enjoyed the ride.  Ironically, my little nephew slept through the whole thing.

The views of Grenada from the water are breathtaking.  Some of us had the opportunity to see these stellar views while on a day sail up the coast - for the rest, it was a nice coastal view.

Rainbow over Grenada

As we neared the island, and the ferry slowed, the less intrepid made their way out onto the deck to enjoy the sun and fresh air.   After the 2-hr journey on the Osprey Ferry was over, they were very relieved to be on terra firm once more.

Carriacou and Petite Martinique are two of the many islands that make up the Grenadines.  These two islands are dependencies of Grenada.  They are located about 20 miles to the north.  Between the two smaller islands, the population is about 10,000.

When we docked in the town of Hillsborough, there were several polite taxi drivers waiting to take tourists for a tour.  We had 4 hours available for lunch and a tour, so we randomly chose a driver who promptly took us to a small local restaurant for some lunch.

The restaurant had an upper level with an outside balcony that was large enough to accommodate everyone.  We placed our orders and the food arrived quickly - it was hot and delicious.  I tried a local fish, couvalli (member of the Jack family) which was very good.  A firm, but not fishy tasting fish.  After our lunch and a calming beverage for those who needed it, we headed out with our driver Officer (nickname) for our tour.

Delicious fresh fish for lunch - a typical island meal.
Carriacouans or Kayaks as they are known, are very proud of their small island and it's heritage.   There is a small settlement of Kayaks who were descendants of Scottish settlers.  This area, Windward, still carries on the boat building tradition today and the residents of this area look distinctly different than the other island residents.  They build mainly small fishing sloops and even large schooners, on occasion.

Carriacou is not as lush as Grenada, as it lacks the topography that would allow this to happen.  There is a rainy season, which the locals take advantage of - as this is their main source of water.  Roofs are built with this in mind and have large flat sloping areas for rain water collection.

We toured up to the top of the island to Belair to visit the local hospital, Princess Royal Hospital.  A beautiful spot, formerly used to house malaria patients, because of the breezes.  Now, it is a choice spot on the island, with steady, gentle trade winds which keep the mosquitoes at bay.

Royal Princess Hospital
I plan on returning to this small island and spending some more time touring around.  There is much more for me to learn about this little gem.  This little jaunt gave me a taste, and I know I would like to return.

Dale gets to visit his favourite island radio station - KAYAK 106 FM

I look forward to a more comprehensive visit next time.  This was just a taste, and it was wonderful.

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