Barbados - Lush Life Nature Resort

Cabins at Lush Life Nature Resort
I heard about this place some time ago and finally got a chance to go for a visit.  Although Barbados is a small island, it can sometimes take a long time to drive to the other side of the island.  From where we were staying (in Christchurch), it took about 35 minutes.  It was a very nice drive and we enjoyed seeing different parts of the island.  Naniki, is the name of the restaurant situated on the property.

Naniki is located in the parish of St. Joseph (parish of the famous Rock), on a very lush hillside.  Having recently been in Grenada for a week, it reminded me of being back there.  The hills, the lushness, the greenery and the lovely breeze that was ever present during our lunch.

We were the first to arrive for lunch on this day and were promptly seated by a very pleasant server.  We were seated right by the railing, overlooking the property below, with the hills and the ocean in the distance.  I must say, that the temperature difference here was remarkable.  When we left our townhouse in Rockley, it was about 29C (~84F).  However, once we were seated on the large verandah overlooking the hills, it was almost chilly (almost...).  The temperature up there felt like around 22C (~72F) with the breeze.  Not cold by any means (we live in Canada, so we know about cold weather!), but chilly by Bajan standards.

Covered Restaurant Area
Lunch was ordered and we snapped a few pictures while waiting for our food to arrive.  We enjoyed a rum punch (these were a little sweeter than I usually prefer them, but it didn't go to waste) and the food came out shortly afterwards.

For my starter I had the Bul Jol and the fried whole snapper for the main.  The Bul Jol was a tad salty (yes, even a salt cod dish can be too salty) - the fish was delicious and so was the lentils and rice.  I did have to stop myself from eating the whole mound of it.  The gravy was savoury, a little spicy and married so nicely with the rice.  I carefully picked around the bones so as not to miss one single morsel of the fish.  It was worth my efforts and very tasty.

Bul Jol with Crackers

Fried Red Snapper

After lunch, my brother et al joined us and we met the owner of the proper and got a tour around the grounds.  The cabins are nice, simple and clean.  The cabin that we toured housed two units - each with one bedroom, a dining table, bathroom with shower, small kitchen, and front porch (there are two-bedroom cabins available as well).  A lattice wall separates the front porches between the units.  Be advised, there is no tv, no internet, no radio.  This place is designed for R & R and those who really want to get away from it all.  There is a small shared pool on site as well.

Also on the property, is a large anthurium lily farm.  Beautiful lilies in colours I have never even seen before.  Like chocolate brown and a very pale greenish red.

We spent a very nice afternoon here and plan on returning for their famous Jazz Brunch on Sundays.

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