Grenada - Arrival

Grand Anse Bay

First, sorry for my prolonged absence - sometimes life gets in the way of my leisure activities.  This year was our first time visiting Grenada and it was very, very nice.  Lush, humid, green, exceptionally friendly locals, delicious food, rustic, hilly, quaint - I could go on.  Grenada reminds me of what Barbados was about 30 years ago - the relaxed pace of things.  I enjoyed the slower, laid-back feel of the island.  I also really appreciated being able to hop over to other islands in a relatively short period of time.  We were able to take a ferry over to Carriacou for the day - the ride was rough and while not enjoyed by all - it turned out to be truly memorable.

We arrived around 9:00 pm on a Sunday evening in February, after a short flight on LIAT, from Barbados.  The first thing I noticed when getting off the plane, was the humidity.  Keeping in mind that we arrived at night, it felt like the sun should have been out, somewhere, still shining steamy Grenadian rays.  Yeesh...I could tell what type of week I was in for.

Walking into the terminal building at the Grenada airport, the first thing you notice is the smell of spice.  It seems to permeate the air delightfully.  There were a couple of bowls of potpourri decorating the common areas and lending a lovely, sweet, heady fragrance to the air.  It was not at all overpowering - just enough to let you know that you were somewhere different.  Clearing customs was done efficiently and timely.  The customs officers were wearing crisp, white golf shirts with the airport logo and name embroidered on them.  Very sharp and indicative of the type of stay you should expect - laid-back and relaxing.

Upon leaving the terminal, we made our way to the car rental agency - David's Car Rental.  Phillip David greeted us with a smile, we filled out some paperwork and were on our way.  I had the forethought to order us a taxi as well - there were seven of us traveling together and some of us are not light packers (ahem), so I felt the extra luggage transport was necessary.

We followed the taxi to the apartment - but had to make a pit-stop for gas.  While there, Mr. David rolled up in his car (we had been driving about 10 minutes) with a stack of paperwork, which I had forgotten on his desk.  Very nice of him and very much appreciated - and saved me a return trip to the airport the following day.

We arrived at our small apartment complex located at Grand Anse Beach. The rooms were clean, the staff friendly and the location suited us just fine.  Our first night didn't consist of much - some snacks, some rum and a good night's rest.  Yes, there was air conditioning which I promptly turned on to acclimate our room to a more bearable temperature.  My brother, who loves the heat, thought the ambient temperature was just fine.  Whatever...

There is a restaurant on site, however, it us currently closed as it is under construction.  In order to make life easier for guests, the full breakfast/lunch menus are available as room service.  We took this option several mornings and really enjoyed being able to sit outside on our balcony and have breakfast.  Having the opportunity to enjoy a Caribbean-style breakfast (which I didn't have to make) was also a bonus!

Egg & onion omelet, baked beans and bacon
Bul jol, fried bake, boiled egg, fresh banana garnish

We truly enjoyed our time in Grenada.  The food and the people left an indelible mark on me.  I would love to return soon - perhaps next time by boat (sailing).

Our experiences were too many to encompass in one blog, so I will be doing a few more in this Grenada series - stay tuned!
Nutmeg - pericarp used to make jam; lacy mace on the outside; inside inner shell is nutmeg.

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