Review: La Belle Verte, Gatineau, PQ

A couple of weekends ago, I attended a luncheon at this raw and vegan restaurant in Gatineau.  I did sort of know what to expect as I have a friend who occasionally enjoys a raw lifestyle.  I am also a regular at The Table vegetarian restaurant in Ottawa.  It was not quite what I expected - it was better.

The restaurant is very well lit - lots of windows.  The kitchen is clearly visible - clean and bright, ideal for a restaurant espousing the values of clean living.  There are some large pieces artwork on the walls and a beautiful large live plant inside.  The menu is quite extensive and it is evident that the chef knows his stuff and takes care and pride in planning the dishes.  We were a group of eight, which gave me lots of opportunity to have a peek at some other menu items.

We decided to order both soups of the day and divide them amongst the eight of us - so everyone could have a taste.  We asked the server to bring us more small bowls and spoons and she was happy to comply.  The first soup was a pear and parsnip puree.  The second was a beet minestrone.  I preferred the pear and parsnip soup, but they were both very good.

Pear and Parsnip Puree
Beet Minestrone

For my lunch I decided to try the Zorba Sandwich.  The bread was light and crispy and the vegetables were very fresh.  The protein of the sandwich consisted of an in-house made 'un-cheese', (which was made from cashews, black olives, and herbs) then topped with roasted red peppers, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, shredded carrots, parsley, sprouts, greens, sun-dried tomato tapenade and homemade mayo.  This mayo I must say, was very good.  The lemon and garlic flavours were outstanding and added such a nice balance to the sandwich.

The Zorba Sandwich

Here are some other dishes that were ordered by some of my dining companions.

Raw Sushi
Tofu Mushroom Burger w/ Salad

Raw Quiche
I appreciate the thoughtful detail paid to the plate presentations, choice of dish and the garnishes.  Preparing tasty vegetarian food is not always easy.  For it to be exceptional, care has to be taken to give the flavours some real zing.  I think they have accomplished this here and I would be happy to return.

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