Travel - Barbados: Chicken Rita

Simple Menu at Chicken Rita (in Barbados Dollars)

I am not sure how it is that after traveling to Barbados so many times, I have yet to have ever come across this place.  It is actually in the neighbourhood where I usually prefer to stay (Atlantic Shores).  It was brought to our attention by the gentleman who was showing us around our rented townhouse this past trip (thanks G. Skeete!).  He asked us if we had heard of Chicken Rita - no, I had not.  I had heard of Chicken George (who sadly passed away last year), but not Chicken Rita.

If you are in the Atlantic Shores area, be sure to check this place out.  If you want directions, send me a PM or email.  If you were not looking for it, you could easily drive right by.

If you look closely, you can see the faded sign to the left of the door.

In typical Caribbean style, service is more 'relaxed' here.  Because it is on a cul-de-sac in a residential neighbourhood, it is pretty quiet.  Chicken Rita's is now run by Rita's two daughters (Girly and Christine) and they assured us that they have not changed a thing from the original (Rita passed away last year).  When we walked in on this day, we were greeted by the deeply heady and herbaceous smell of freshly cut green onions - Christine was sitting at a corner table chopping away.  There was a fragrant heap of them on a table - probably heading into Chicken Rita's own secret chopped seasoning.

Rita's is very low-key, but the chicken & chips speak volumes about the care that goes into making it.  While you wait for your meal to arrive, you can sit outside in the carport cum dining area and enjoy a rum and Coke.  You can also enjoy some of the quiet solitude of the area while viewing grazing Blackbelly Sheep or local children playing.  Quite relaxing actually.

Our chicken arrived after about 40 minutes - fresh from the fryer - in a small basket.  It was VERY hot - fortunately I do have a thin asbestos coating on my tongue and fingers, so it wasn't that bad.  The second I bit into it, I had flashbacks of picnic lunches while spending the day at the Long Sault Parkway on the St. Laurent Seaway.  We used to picnic with another family from Barbados and they would bring the most amazing fried chicken - even cold, it was phenomenal.  The seasoning went right down to the bone - after that my taste standards for fried chicken were set pretty high.  I've since learned that this is the way they do it in Barbados and I am happy to have these flavours as part of my roots.  A basket of bones told the story of our scrumptious meal.

P.S.:  They do provide plastic cutlery, but you would be well served to bring your own - like the regulars do!



  2. Best fried chicken and a great price. Went twice during a 1 week trip.

  3. It is truly delicious. I wish I had a piece right now!

  4. Last year we have been to Barbados. We went there over the Christmas and New Year period We had great time & overall experience was excellent.

  5. I tried the fried marlin last time with salad and chips and it was very well seasoned and tasty.