Daring Kitchen January - Tamales

Mahi Mahi Tamales

Mmm...tamales.  Love them - what a delicious treat for a chilly Canadian day.  I really enjoyed this challenge, although, once again the time slips by so quickly and I didn't get a chance to get the corn husks that are traditional when making this dish.  So, needing to add extra flavour, I decided to use some duck fat (of course I always have duck fat in the freezer).  For the corn husks, I substituted aluminum foil and parchment squares.  I must say that the results were wonderful, delightful and delicious!

Blog checking lines;  Maranda of Jolts & Jollies was our January 2012 Daring Cooks hostess with the mostess! Maranda challenged us to make traditional Mexican Tamales as our first challenge of the year!

Because I like cooking Mexican foods, I had some tomatillo sauce in the freezer, which I served with the tamales.  To make the meal complete I made a pot of black beans prepared simply - simmered slowly with whole habanero peppers and sliced onion.  During the last 30 minutes of simmering, I added some raw peppers, a pinch of cumin and some chopped cilantro stems.

I used the duck fat to replace the lard in the tamale mixture (can I just say WOW!).  I sauteed the fish and the aromatics in the duck fat as well.  Thanks for the inspiration Maranda.

Here is a link to the recipes provided by this month's host:  Recipe

Thankfully now available at local grocery stores - Freshco

I always have some of these in my freezer - Farm boy

Simmering pot of black beans for a side dish

Some of the aromatics for the fish - homemade tomato/tomatillo sauce

The mahi mahi from our vacation stash

Mahi mahi sauteed in duck fat - tomatoes, peppers, onion, garlic
With the duck fat - to be mixed, then chicken stock added
Used an ice cream scoop to portion the dough

Ready for steaming in my makeshift steamer
Didn't have a pot either large enough or small enough - this is what I came up with
Freshly steamed mahi mahi tamale
Tres Yummy!
 Thanks again Maranda and see you all next month!  Buen provecho!


  1. Happy New Year! Those look amazing and with duck fat too! Looks like a fantastic meal. That's actually a different corn mix than tamales are made from--I bet they were super-light and fluffy with that. Now you need to make some arepas with the rest of it!

  2. Yes - they were light and fluffy. That corn mix was recommended by a friend and it did the trick. We had some delicious arepas in NYC a couple of years ago...that is actually why I bought the mix when I saw it :-)

  3. Great job! You did an amazing job of creating your own tamales!

  4. Mmm... yummy
    Your tamales are so delicious, sure are very great with the fish, thanks for sharing.