Travel - St. John - Day Sailing

White Bay, Jost Van Dyke, BVI

We decided to do a day sail while we were here.  We chose to sail with Daydreamer - a company that sails out of St. Thomas.  Over the past few years, while down south, we have discovered the joys of being on the water.  D did some research before we left and we arranged the trip prior to our departure from home.  Because of the weather and various cancellations, we almost didn't make it!  The trip finally took place on Saturday and we were very glad that we didn't have to miss it.  (I believe this was going to be their last sail for the season - until hurricane season is over).

After stopping off for some delicious johnny cakes, we headed over to wait to be picked up by the catamaran, for our day of sailing.  We had to make sure to bring our passports as we were going to be entering British territory by going ashore at Jost Van Dyke, BVI.

We stopped for some snorkeling at Hawkesnest Bay for about an hour.  The water was a touch cloudy - probably residual from the churning caused by Irene.  However, it was still pretty good visibility.  I didn't really notice anything too different than other times I have snorkeled in the BVI, but I did notice the colour of the sea fans was vibrant.  Most times I have seen them I guess they were dead.  These were bright purple and vibrant.  It's nice to see things still thriving in this marine park.

We sailed to Jost Van Dyke about 7 years ago (as part of a week-long sailing trip around the BVI) - not much has changed since our last visit.  White Bay was still as beautiful as the first time I had seen.  There were a few more restaurants/shacks, but the feeling of being on a remote island was still there for me.

Wandering along the beach is still something that I really love.  Although I am not a fan of the heat, I am a huge fan of the ocean.  As long as there are waves lapping at my feet, I can endure the intense temperatures - and the heat this day was indeed intense.

I knew where we were going to have lunch - we just had to return to One Love Beach Bar and have a Bushwhacker (especially after seeing it featured on Feasting on Waves with Alton Brown, a few years ago).  There is something to be said for the understated charm of a beach side restaurant/bar.  Only in a place like this could you get away with this decor:  sand floor, plastic chairs and tables, numerous pieces of garish clothing hanging from the rafters - I wouldn't have it any other way.  We were the only ones there (the five of us from our catamaran), but the service and food didn't show it.


The Bushwhacker was as delicious as last time - chilled, creamy, and delicious.  I ordered the catch of the day sandwich (how could I not have fish while I'm down here??) for lunch and we decided to share some jerk chicken quesadillas.  The fish sandwich was divine - grilled fish topped with a fresh tomato salsa.  It was eaten rather hastily, or I would further go into it's deliciousness.  The quesadilla was a little oily - but in a good way - as can only be achieved by good cheese.

After lunch, I basked in the sun while half submerged in the ocean.  There are worst ways to spend an afternoon.


  1. Those waters are so pristine it almost looks unreal. Plus the lush greenery nearby makes everything so much like a paradise. As usual, the food looks too appetizing to be good for me and my next meal that can't come to me soon enough.

  2. It was a magical day - I love JVD!

  3. I love the clear blue sky and the print on your sail! I'm planning to go on a cruise too. But first, I have to make a pit stop to these used boat sales in Long Island.