Travel - Day 4 - St. John

Our rental for the week

Our first full day exploring the island.  We hopped into our ride and mapped out a route for the morning.  The island is not very big and most of it is a National Park which was created by land donated by Laurance Rockefeller in 1956.  The area of the park encompasses about 60% of the island. So, exploring was rather easy as there was really only one road through the park and out.

The weather was co-operating at last and we were glad to see the last of the rain and cloudy skies - lingering systems from Irene.  We stopped and took some great scenic shots while en route.  The island is verdant and tropical.  We decided to use this day as a day to get some food, beverages and to scope out which beaches we wanted to return to. We decided to return to Cinnamon Bay and Trunk Bay as these two beaches seemed the most appealing.

We had lunch in Cruz Bay on the way back and enjoyed some truly delicious conch fritters at High Tide restaurant - one of my favourite island snacks.

Conch fritters with spicy remoulade
We got back to the house mid-afternoon and were about to enjoy a lovely afternoon poolside, when I received a text message on my phone.  It was US Airways, indicating that all of our flights with them (on Sunday - this was Thursday!) were being cancelled due to Hurricane Irene.   Not to mention, the earliest we would be able to re-book with them was going to be Saturday September 3rd - more than nine days later.   A collective groan came from the three of us.  We were not looking forward to the battle that was going to be ahead - trying to get home.  Needless to say, this put could have put a damper on the rest of the day.  Nonetheless, chins up, cold drinks at the ready, laptops open, phone on speaker - I started the task of trying to get in touch with the airline.  Completely futile.  I spent the better part of three hours at various points during the afternoon and evening, trying to get hold of a human being.  I should have not bothered, but I had to try.  I decided to give up, make dinner and try again the next day.  Fingers crossed!

Our pool and view

View of Cruz Bay

Trunk Bay

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  1. The view is breathtaking. That resort in St. John is a paradise found. I would love to visit.