Travel - Day 3 - St. John

Finally were able to get our flight over to St. John at 10h15.  Our friend managed to squeak on as a stand-by.  We were all so happy just to be taking off!

Upon arrival at St. Thomas, we headed over to the taxi stand to take a taxi over to Red Hook, where we were catching the ferry - which also happened to be on the other side of the island.  It was going to be a tight schedule to get over to Red Hook to catch the noon ferry.  We made it with 3 minutes to spare.  I tell you this - my nerves were just about shot at this point, I was going to need a rum punch and very soon!

Cruz Bay, St. John

We arrived on St. John (after our night in a hotel in San Juan).  The ride over on the ferry was great - air conditioning inside for those who wanted (me!) and fresh air outside on the seating above.  We were met at the ferry terminal by Nancy, the caretaker of the house and a representative from the Car rental place.  (We rented our Jeep from L & L Jeep Rental and they were great!  Met us there, nice new and clean Jeep.  Would recommend for sure!  They even let us have the Jeep an extra day, as we were delayed leaving...that part later).

We followed Nancy up to the house (remember - when driving in St. John, stay left!  Left hand drive, left side of the road).  I see why they recommended a Jeep - St. John is very hilly (reminded me of our stay in Tortola).  We go to the house, which was gorgeous, and headed right back out to find some bevvies.  Before we left, we each cracked open a bottle of Virgin Islands - Island Summer Ale, and toasted our eventual arrival.

Heading down into Cruz Bay, we were really able to appreciate the views - very picturesque and lush (after having experienced several days of rain).  We had our first rum punches and lunch at the Waterfront Grill in Cruz Bay.  Service was slow, and the food just ok, but the rum punch washed away all the angst and stress from the long journey to the island.
Long awaited rum punch

Seared Yellow Fin Tuna Wrap and Sweet Potato Fries

Our pool and part of the patio - view of Chocolate Hole, St. John


  1. I am jealous! I have been planning to go here for a long time. I'll make sure to schedule a trip right after my Alaska cruises.

  2. You will not regret going - it is very beautiful.