Travel - Day 1 - St. John, USVI

Sometimes things don't always go as planned...

22h00 (Sunday night) - bedtime - looking forward to our trip on Monday morning!

03h00 - alarm went off, time to get up and get cracking

03h40 - on our way to YOW - giddy up!

04h20 - car parked and in line for check-in at the Continental counter

04h25 - just found out the flight has been pushed back 4 hours (blasted hurricane!)

05h25 - still at the counter trying to get some flights

06h00 - still at the counter...

06h10 - finally some news - good news, got some new flights, bad news, not leaving until Tuesday now...

06h35 - breakfast at Graffiti's in Kanata

07h45 - home to bed and regroup...

More soon...(insert 'deep sigh')

1 comment:

  1. It sounded like a busy day indeed. Busy but fun nonetheless. More days of adventure is to follow for that trip.