Thursday Best Bites - Dirienzo's in Ottawa's Little Italy

Where:  111 Beech Street, Ottawa

What:  Delicious Sandwiches

Comments:  You may have had a good sandwich in the past, but unless you've had one from Dirienzo's, you are missing a good base for comparison.  If you're not a true sandwich aficionado, then you may not fully appreciate the 'scrumptious-factor', but you will still have a great sandwich experience.  The sandwiches here are fresh and wonderful.  Dirienzo's is essentially a corner store with a sandwich counter at the front.  If you arrive at lunch time, do not be dismayed by the line meandering out of the store and down the street.  The sandwiches are this tasty and yes, worth the wait.  The line does move rather quickly though.  Plus, it gives you time to decide which one you're going to order.

When you get near the front, you will be met with bins of fresh baked rolls.  Grab the tongs, and select the bread that will nestle the delicious fillings that will soon arrive.  Approach the counter and put your roll up.  A kind stranger will take the bread from you and ask you what you would like.  Now, there's no rush, but there are hungry regulars behind you who know what they want.  That kind stranger will however, be patient while you decide.  I had the turkey, roast beef and spicy salami.  The sandwich comes with cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo.  Feel free to choose all or none of these or to ask for some spicy eggplant as the condiment.

I paid for my sandwich (best $5 you'll spend at lunch!) and let me tell you it was a long drive back to my office in Bell's Corners with that sandwich smiling up at me from the seat (I don't like to eat in the car, but did consider pulling over for a bite...).  I got to work, washed my hands, got my water bottle filled, spread open the plastic and inhaled the goodness I was about to partake in.  Almost forgot to snap a picture before devouring it, but it was all so worth the wait.  Soft Italian rolls - a little crunch on the outside, soft on the inside.  The tender crunchy goodness is just perfect to maintain your sandwich's structural integrity.  I think you should get one of these right now.  Seriously!

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  1. This is right around the corner from me and I've never tried it! I've biked by and seen the lines. Maybe I'll grab some sandwiches for the train today--thanks!

    number 6 with spiced havarti. I get mine with mild olive oil instead of mayo or mustard. The spicy oil is spicy! Now I'm tempted to try the eggplant... It's 5am and I'm trying to find out when they open

  3. Mmmm...spicy's time I went back for a sandwich - thanks!

  4. Drove from Nepean today specifically for one of these, having gone there before. Amazing.