Thursday Best Bites - The Swan at Carp

Chilled glass of Chardonnay on the Patio

Visited for the first time last week.  Good selection of beers and desserts.  Great spot for some pub grub and drinks.

Where:  The Swan at Carp, 108 Falldown Lane, Carp, ON

What:  Lobster Newburg Crêpe

Comments:  The lobster crêpe was tasty (on this day however they were crawfish tails).   The crêpe itself was thin, light and lacey and the sauce that was inside was savoury and delicious - not too heavy.  It was served with your choice of garden or Caesar salad.  I chose a Caesar salad which thoughtfully came in a separate bowl (as it would have been a bit messy with the delicious lobster sauce).  I haven't had crepes in ages and it was a nice light dinner option.

Note:  we did move inside as the mosquitoes got to be a little too much to handle :-)

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  1. they were langostine tails, almost the same size.

  2. My apologies - however, it should be corrected on the menu or the server should inform the customer when the order is placed. It was still tasty though!