Thursday Best Bites - Bluesfest 2011

Made it out to Bluesfest last night and tried a couple of new dishes.  Always an adventure, but a good one this year.  I like the food vendors near the entrance.  Here's what I ate and tried:

Where:  Bluesfest Ottawa, Lebreton Flats

What:  Curry Chicken and Rice from Epicerie Poukham and Jerk Chicken sandwich with sweet potato fries from Fitz's Catering.

Comments:  The curry chicken was quite good - nice Thai flavours from the kaffir lime leaves and nice addition of fresh basil.  Chicken, zucchini, peppers, slivered hearts of palm and rice.  Loved the option of adding ground peanuts and sweet chili sauce if you wanted.  Good size portion and good value for my $8 (about an 8" plate) considering I was at an outdoor venue downtown.

Thai Curry Chicken with Rice

I tried my husbands jerk chicken sandwich (which almost filled the plate in itself!).  A large multi-grain bun filled with jerk chicken - good flavour and good sauce.   It came with a small portion of sweet potato fries.  The fries were nice and crispy and delicious.  Also came with a small container of a spicy mayo - wasn't a huge fan of this, but a nice extra.

Nice to see some new options from the usual offerings.

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