Wild Garlic Adventures

Entrance to 'The Spot'
After enjoying these delicious little bulbs last spring for the first time (compliments of my in-laws), we decided to go foraging for ourselves this year.  After being given the somewhat sketchy directions (it's half-way down this road, look for an old wooden gate), we arrived at the secret location.  It's not really secret, but foragers like to keep their locations to themselves.

Let me preface this by saying that I thought I was prepared for our adventure.  I had my gloves, shovel and the proper shoes for bush walking.  However, I failed to bring the one thing that would have made our adventure so much more pleasant - insect repellent.  I hate bugs.  When we finally found the 'spot', pulled into the lane and turned off the engine and I heard the bugs bouncing off the car, I suspected what might be in store for me.  I sent The Man out to do some recon - is this the right place?  Is there anything left? He came back, swatting vigorously.  "Are you coming?"  Hmmm...do I really want to leave the safe confines of the van?  I looked around to see if there was an errant can of the stuff that had perhaps rolled under the passenger seat after our last camping trip.  No such luck.  I was absolutely prepared to stay in the bug free zone - until inspiration struck.  There was a small bottle of hand sanitizer in the van.  Oh well, here we go.

After slathering on copious amounts of the stuff, we were off!  We started looking, and looking and nothing.  We had been told that once you walk onto the 'spot' the abundance of garlic would be evident.  We later learned that this is usually the case - if we had been there one month earlier.  After a few more phone calls to our Deep Throat, we started finding some plants.

It was still slim pickings, but we made a valiant effort at the foraging.  As the effects of the hand sanitizer wore off, so did my patience.  We trekked back to the van, dusted ourselves off and relaxed in the bliss of conditioned air.  Mission accomplished.

Tips for next year?  Bug spray and visiting the location about one month earlier.  I wonder if there are any morels around that place??

Our bounty

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