Thursday Best Bites - Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro

2012 Update - Sadly, Sweetgrass has closed its doors

Not one to follow the crowd (except this time I am), I thought I would do a weekly feature which would consist of the best bite of something that I had in the past week.  It could be something I made or something I ate out at a restaurant or other.  There might even be two sometimes...

It'll be just a little quickie - something to get you through the weekend ;-)

Where:  Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro, 108 Murray Street, Ottawa, Ontario

What:  Bistro Buffalo Burger 100% Takwana Farm  Bison Burger, House Smoked bacon, 3 year old cheddar, mushrooms and “duck butter” on a grilled sesame seed bun with Fresh cut fries and Side Salad

Comments:  Simply amazing burger.  The bun was a fantastic texture, soft but not too soft so as to become a spongy mess when halfway through the burger (proper grilling on inside helps to achieve this) .  The patty was delicious.  If you have never had Buffalo, you don't know what you're missing.  Consider it a beefier tasting cousin to beef.  The patty was lean, yet juicy.  The toppings were delicious.  The distinctive taste of sharp cheddar, the delectable crunch of bacon that has been perfected cooked, and the earthy enjoyment I always get from mushrooms.  I can't even begin to describe the duck butter.  Smooth, creamy, rich, and generally darned tasty!  All of this combined to make for a perfect and gratifying burger experience.  Along with pizza, burgers are my favourite.  Well done - I'll be back.

Bistro Buffalo Burger

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