Jupiter Beach Resort and Spa, Florida

Spent some time here before the Easter weekend.  How did I pick this place?  We were supposed to be seeing the second last space shuttle launch which was originally scheduled for April 19th.  Days before we were supposed to leave, we learned it was scrubbed (and has subsequently been scrubbed a couple of times!).  I had already changed our flights to fly into Orlando instead of Tampa and wasn't interested in paying to change them back.  So between Google Maps and Trip Advisor I made my decision.

Jupiter Beach is a quaint little town on the Atlantic Ocean side of Florida.  It was about a 2-1/2 hour drive from the Orlando airport.  The resort is very lovely - not very big though, which we like - only 168 rooms.  We don't stay at resorts too often, but prefer the smaller ones.  I don't relish getting up at the ass-crack of dawn to put a towel on a pool chair!  According to the doorman, this is the third hotel to take up in this spot.  We liked the boutique hotel feel of the place - with the added bonus of having two restaurants, a bar, a pool and a spa.

We were checked in quickly and went up to our room.  (Sorry, no pics, but you could check it out on their website - the rooms look exactly as picture on their website).  Nice view of the ocean (although I had the view of the parking lot directly below).

Our first night we enjoyed a delicious (albeit slow) dinner at the hotel's indoor restaurant, Sinclair's Lounge.  Our waiter, Vangellas (awesome name!) was efficient and provided good service.  My complaint?  Dinner took quite a long time to arrive.  We were patient though - sipping bevvies and enjoying our starter of fried calamari with banana peppers and green onion.  It came with a roasted garlic oil and some marinara sauce for dipping.  (We ended up seeing this combination of calamari and banana peppers a few other places as well - maybe it was a Florida thing).  You could see the frustrated waiters waiting at the pass for their meals.

Our main courses arrived (finally) and were very good, so worth the wait.  I had the grouper which came with a lobster and crab cake.  I love grouper and seem to have the best of it when we are in Florida.  Dale had the steak, which was cooked perfectly and delicious!

Grouper with Lobster and Crab Cake

Steak with Blue Cheese Potato Gratin

We prepaid breakfast with our stay (turned out to not be such a great idea).  Breakfast took FOREVER.  First morning - 45 minutes.  We didn't complain as they were busy and our waiter, Gary, was by the table regularly to refill water and coffee.  It was good when it finally arrived (no pics) - I had the smoked turkey tacos - three small flour tortillas, smoked turkey, scrambled eggs and cheese.  Came with a side of fresh salsa.  Dale had the regular three egg breakfast.

We enjoyed the beach (wow - expensive chair rental - $25 US/chair/day on the beach - yikes!) and did a bit of walking/exploring.  I will say I liked getting bar service beach side - nice touch (it wasn't an all inclusive resort though).  We dined poolside - again, long wait times for food - even to bus the table took a while.  Lunch was pretty good though.  I had a Cobb salad and Dale had the seared tuna wrap.  Pretty good, but not memorable.

Cobb Salad with Lump Crab

Seared Tuna Wrap
Our second breakfast was a complete disaster.  Longer wait, cold food and a bonus hair on my plate.  On top of this, we were promised it would be taken off of our bill and it wasn't.  I didn't even bother to dispute this on checkout.  We just wanted to be on our way.

Final thoughts?  Beautiful property - most of the staff went out of the way to be genuinely nice and not saccharine (like a few).  Would I stay here again?  Yes I would, but I would choose to eat my meals elsewhere.  Long wait times in both restaurants and pricey drinks.


  1. Those look delicious! Seems like Jupiter Beach Resort and Spa will be a great place to hang out and eat. I would love to try out that steak with blue cheese potato gratin.

  2. We had dinner one night at the Jupiter Island Grill - it was fabulous!