By Chadsey's Cairns - Winery and Vineyard

This was our second visit to this quaint winery, near a circa early 1900's cemetery.  The history of this place is quite intriguing - love, devotion, romance and suicide.  A very interesting history, worthy of some self discovery.  On another trip, I think we'll take the time to explore the grounds further.

The main store at the winery, is very unassuming from the front.  After sending someone out to do some recon to see if they were open (yes, sometimes I am that lazy...why have an unnecessary walk a whole 50'!), we piled out of the van and were not disappointed.

Inside the old structure, we found the winemaker himself, Richard Johnson, ready to take us on a taste tour.  I love the inside of this building.  Not to sound cliche, but it does take you back to another time as soon as you open the doors and enter.  I find it very warm and inviting.

We tasted some wines and some delicious grape juice (it was REALLY good).  We tried the Gewurztraminer, the Rosita Rose and the Gamay Noir.  We left with a few (ahem) bottles and a trio of Niagara flavoured vinegars (I've already tried the cherry vinegar in a vinaigrette with some fresh spinach - delish!).

The Barn

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