Daring Kitchen February - Hiyashi Soba and Tempura

Lobster Tempura
Happy Valentine's Day!  This was my first time making tempura and it won't be my last.  I made sweet potato tempura and lobster tempura.  My favourite was actually the sweet potato.  I loved how it was crunchy outside and sweet, moist and delicious on the inside.  Great challenge!  The soba noodles were also quite yummy!  I think I may use the rest of the package to make a soup - it's a little chilly here still...

The February 2011 Daring Cooks’ challenge was hosted by Lisa of Blueberry Girl. She challenged Daring Cooks to make Hiyashi Soba and Tempura. She has various sources for her challenge including japanesefood.about.com, pinkbites.com, and itsybitsyfoodies.com

I made my own ichiban dashi for the Mentsuyu dipping sauce.  I didn't have any kombu, but did have some wakame, so I substituted that in my broth.  I also added a handful of dried shiitake mushrooms to my broth.  It added a nice earthy flavour.

Wakame - before and after

The longest part of the challenge was prepping the sauce and the veggies, but after that, it was a breeze.

I was concerned that the tempura wouldn't be crunchy - I didn't want to leave the sweet potatoes in the oil so long that the tempura would be too brown, but I wanted them to be cooked through.  They turned out quite lovely.  Next time though, I think I would make the batter a little more runny - to have a thinner crust.

Dinner is served


  1. You really went all out on this challenge I love sweet potato tempura and lobster tempura sounds so decadent love your photos well done on this challenge. And great to hear that you like tempura now.

    Cheers from Audax in Sydney Australia.

  2. Delicious! I was going through your ingredients and I'm drooling...
    Great looking tempura, I'm intrigued by the sweet potato one. Good job on this challenge!

  3. I would love to try sweet potato tempura - but I couldn't get it... You did an amazing job - well done and the photos are great!
    Pozdrawiam! Anula.

  4. Wonderful pictures of a well done challenge! I am so impressed with the effort you put into everything. Thank you so much for sharing your eforts with us.

  5. Lobster! Wow! What a treat! Your meal is looking so yummy! Great job on the challenge!