Barbados - The Food - III - The Tides, St. James

Seaside at The Tides
The Tides restaurant is located ocean side in the parish of St. James.  Upon arrival a handsome valets take your car and you are then shown into the air-conditioned bar/lounge if you wish.  The walls of the lounge are festooned with paintings and artwork by local artists - as well as those from some of the surrounding Caribbean islands. The building reminds me of a Spanish style home - with an open courtyard in the interior. 

Once your table is ready, you are escorted to the dining area (the staff will bring your drink for you - why ruin your evening by missing a step and spilling your drink?).  It's not that you have to wait for your table, but the lounge is a nice place to relax, have a drink or wait for the rest of your party to arrive (and it's air-conditioned, those who know me...).

The entire back wall of the restaurant is not a wall, but an open view onto the Caribbean Sea - if you are lucky enough and early enough, you can catch the sunset.

When you reserve early enough, you can probably get a seaside table.  Watching the sea and the manta rays while dining - what could be more wonderful than that?  This restaurant is very well staffed and it shows.  You are rarely left wanting.  We have visited this place three times and I thought it was time to give it a mention.

Here are some of the dishes we have enjoyed:

Seared Tuna
Fresh Catch of the Day - Mahi Mahi
Homemade Open Ravioli of Shrimp, Scallop, Calamari and Asparagus
Lobster Risotto - sooooo goooood
Broiled Caribbean Lobster Tail

Looking forward to our next visit!!


  1. I have yet to eat at The Tides, although I have walked by it several times. I have eaten at the Beach House several times and have always been impressed.

    Based on this write-up though, I will definitely have to check out The Tides the next time I'm on the island. :)

  2. All the times we have eaten there, we have yet to be disappointed. Predominantely seafood, but delicious beef and chicken dishes as well (some in our party don't like fish). Seaside dining at it's best.