Barbados - The Food - I

Back again from another wonderful trip to this awesome island.  It was my brother's wedding - but we don't really need an excuse to go back to Bim.  We have only recently returned and are already planning a return visit!  How do you think I get through the rest of the winter??

I thought it would be nice to talk about some of the places we like to eat/frequent while we are there.

Doubles:  This delicious street food originated in Trinidad and is usually enjoyed there for breakfast.  We found this doubles truck on a visit a few years ago - seems this food is just too delicious to be kept to only one island.  What is a double?  Two pieces of lightly fried bread topped with curry chickpeas, cucumber, kutchella (a spicy green mango chutney from Trinidad), hot sauce and a sweet tamarind sauce.  You really have to see this girl put them together, to get the full gist of the food.  We usually or two at a time, per person.  I gets promptly inhaled, the second one is for actually tasting :-)

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