Vieques, At Last

Wild Horse

Not too much has changed here.  I remember the flight.  24 minutes to get there and on approach, the plane heads straight for hills, then pulls a sharp left and makes a perfect landing.  Ahhh - nice to be back.

On Approach - Runway 9 (the only runway)
We retrieved our luggage, then headed outside of the airport to wait for the Publico - the islands transportation service which consists of large passenger vans.  You tell them where you want to go, they tell you how much.  Not that complicated, considering only the interior third of the island is inhabited.  Wild horses are still everywhere on the island, walking along the side of the highway, on the beach.  There is also a large population of wild chickens on the island.  Makes for very early mornings...

There are two main city centres on Vieques.  Isabel II (Segundo) in the north and Esperanza in the south.  Esperanza is smaller than Isabel and is easier to get around as all the restaurants and shops are in one area - a street called the Malecon, which runs parallel to a small beach (not really for swimming).  Our accommodation is exactly as described.  The Esperanza Inn is a quaint inn in a residential neighbourhood a minute's walk from the Malecon.  Nice accommodations, clean, well situated, pool, laundry facilities, Wi-Fi (when available) was great!  We got settled and headed out for some lunch.   

Tradewinds Restaurant was still there and still offering great service and good food.  Dottie, our server, was a pleasant and friendly as usual.  Lunch today?  Conch fritters and fish cakes!  Not too much has changed here at all, which is a good thing.  

Conch Fritters

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