Chasing a Plane...

that never left!  We arrived at Ottawa Airport at 05h00 for our flight on December 24th.  Things went very smoothly.  No big lines or hassles pre-clearing customs, and a good flight (I slept through most of it, except when my sleep was peppered with laughter by a cackler from the back row.  One of these people that doesn't know the flex.)

We arrived in Philadelphia with just enough time to spare - we deplaned at 08h37 and boarding started for San Juan at 08h55, so things were tight.  After waiting an eternity to get our bags plane side (we did only carry-on this time), we ran to the Terminal F doors, to catch the bus to Terminal A.  Gotta love the Philadelphia airport!  We were two of the last three to make it on board, then we were whisked away (albeit at 20 mph) to Terminal A to make our connection.

With minutes to spare, we arrived at the gate, huffing and puffing a tad and noted, to our relief, that they hadn't started boarding yet.  Excellent.  We sat down to catch our breath and wait for the flight.  And wait, and wait, and wait.

And wait.  After an hour, we were able to board.  We sat at the gate on board for another hour before being told what was going on, and hearing the captain's voice in that tone that we all know so well.  "Uh, ladies and gentleman, this is the captain speaking.  There seems to be a small problem...".  This resulted in us having to de-plane.  We then proceeded to line up for an airport meal voucher and looked forward to a long wait.

As the time for our connection drew closer, I had the sinking feeling that we weren't going to make it.  I called Cape Air and had them re-schedule our flight to the morning of the 24th; called to have our rental car held in Vieques, and called the proprietors of the inn where we were staying to inform them of our delay and hoped we would find a place to sleep in San Juan for the night.

After a six hour wait (we had to wait for a plane to arrive from Zurich - there were no spare planes AND we had to wait for a crew to arrive), we boarded.  Three hours and twelve minutes, one free drink, one bag of nuts and no movie later, we landed in San Juan.

Next, where to stay?  We snagged one of the last rooms at the Best Western at the airport, called a cab then went for some good Cuban/Puerto Rican food.  The restaurant we like going to when we have a layover here is called Metropol.  It's a four minute drive from the airport (yes, really, four minutes, not five) and the food is great! 

We shared a starter of sausage (tasted like chorizo) poached in red wine, with peppers and onions.  Muy delicioso!  My starter was grilled mahi mahi with congri rice (beans, peppers, onions, tomatoes and spices) and some tostones (fried unripe plantain).  We washed our delicious meal down with some mojito's and it was a relaxing and delicious end to a hectic day.  

Fruity Rum Punch with Don Q Rum
Chorizo Cooked in White Wine
Mahi Mahi w/ Garlic Sauce and Congri Rice

Next, Vieques!


  1. Wow! What a start to the trip....the food does look amazing which tends to melt the day's obstacles away..