Ah - back to sweet Bim

We LOVE Barbados and are always looking for a reason to go back - but really, do we need one?

This was our first visit during the summer - we decided to connect our trip from Europe and the UK, to Barbados. Let me just say this - it was freakin' hot!! Again, those of you who know me know of my penchant for cooler temperatures. Was this a mistake???

We decided to stay at a resort this time - the price seemed right for the summer months. I am not a huge fan of resorts - don't like the feeling of being confined to a schedule. The Crop Over festival was the highlight of our trip though. 11 miles of reveling, dancing, drinking, sweating, windin' up and wukkin' up - whew! A good way to sweat off a few pounds I imagine - it was about 37C plus humidity that day. I thought I had seen it all when I saw the rolling Port-o-Potty go by! Well after seeing the rolling bar and rolling cooling station, nothing less was to be expected.

Yes, a rolling Port-o-Potty
 After this sweaty day, I promptly headed to our chilled room - Dale asked if I was keeping a body in the closet!!

We left Barbados the same as we found it.  Luscious, green and inviting for our next visit.  See you in January!

Crane Beach - the other side

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