Food Slump? Step aside perhaps...

Has it happened to you?  You're sitting at work, wondering what to have for dinner and you draw a complete blank.  Oh, there are choices at home in the refrigerator, but what do you really FEEL like eating?  On these nights I tend pick up the phone for dinner.  Lazy, perhaps, but even an avid foodie like me can sometimes just not feel like cooking!  Perhaps on these nights, I should pass the apron over to someone else...

The other night, I got home late from a hair appointment and opened the front door to such wonderful smells.  The smokey smell of the BGE - I knew D was cooking up something special.  And it was.  Our starter was a delicious soup - grilled scallops, grilled pork tenderloin, sweet onion, carrots and some lovely little coins of green onion.  He used an unsalted chicken broth - which was a great vessel for the flavour he was able to coax out of the scallops.  They were prepared with a light sear on the BBQ, then simmered gently in the broth.  Delicious!

I really should have tidied up the bowl for the shot, but it wasn't until the first sip of broth that I decided it was blog worthy.

The main course was a lovely piece of Mahi-mahi (from our ever depleting private stock) that we brought back with us (vacuum sealed) from Barbados.  It still tasted as fresh as the day we bought it.  It's hard to go wrong when starting with such a canvas.  It was marinated simply in some fresh herbs from our garden, some garlic, sea salt, pepper and EVOO.  Well done, and I think I may have to get you to make it again :-)

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