Day 5 - London

Back in jolly olde England.  It is overcast with a few drizzles here and there.  Surprise, surprise...supposed to be sunny tomorrow though!

After breakfast, we decided to head out to London proper.  After some travel instructions from our host, we were off on our adventure.  We purchased train tickets and took the train into Marleybone Station in London.  It took about 30 minutes to get into London (a few stops at smaller stations for more passengers).  We then switched to the Tube and took the Baker Loo line into Picadilly Circus.

It is as busy here this time as it was last time.  To me this section of London most resembles New York City.  Many theatre houses (like Broadway) - showing everything from Les Miserable to the Ripley's Believe it or Not 'exhibit'.  We walked around a bit here then decided to head over to Chinatown for some lunch.  It is not a very large Chinatown, but you certainly knew when you had arrived here.

We scouted locations for lunch.  I was looking for a place that was busy and had lots of Asian patrons (if they were eating there, it had to be good!).  We settled on The Golden Dragon restaurant and were not disappointed.  Dale remarked that he was one of only a handful of white guys in the place!  We had a choice of the regular menu and the Dim Sum menu.  We could have spent several hours here grazing and taking in the sights and sounds, but a guilty conscience took the better of us and we ordered only a few things.  We ordered the Vietnamese spring rolls, crab and pork dumplings, duck with black bean and chiles and fried noodles with BBQ pork.  It was like being in a show - all the patrons speaking Chinese or other foreign languages, the piles of hot, sizzling plates floating past us on the arms of nimble waitstaff - quite spectacular.

Our food arrived and we just sat there (for a few seconds only, come on, how long could YOU wait to eat?) taking in the smells and sights of our mini feast.  Then in a flurry of chopsticks and bowls, it was over way too soon :-(   We would definitely go back to this place for lunch, anytime!

Tomorrow?  Need to do some laundry and perhaps explore the town of Gerrard's Cross - details soon!

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