Day 3 - Paris - The Louvre and Champs Elysee

After a great night's sleep (we were in bed by 9:30pm - a little pooped) and an over priced hotel breakfast (lazy and 28€ - really??), we left for our trek to The Louvre.  It was a 40 minute walk in overcast weather, so bearable, but humid.  Once we figured out how to get inside where the people were, we made it inside the grounds.  There was only a small line - it was 10am, and we managed to beat the crowds.

Our first order of business (after trying to figure out Tom Hanks' locations in The DaVinci Code), was to go and see the Mona Lisa.  It was up S-E-V-E-R-A-L flights of stairs (keep in mind, I have just walked 40 minutes to get here - wearing FitFlops).  We made it and after battling through the throng of tourists, made it to the front of the stanchion and I was able to snap a few photos (in between flashes, which were forbidden by the way!  Learn to use your cameras people!!).  It was smaller than I imagined, but awesome nonetheless.

We spent about 4 hours onsite viewing various antiquities (we really could have spent a week here - there are 16km worth of building to walk through) and left before the crowds got unbearable.  Plus, it was stifling hot in there.  I only survived by seeking out cooling vents (easily identifiable by the brass covers).  Those of you who know me and my cooling problem, can  imagine.  Don't get me wrong, I managed to look quite scholarly with cool air blowing up my backside :-).  I was able to snap many photos (which I post the majority of on our photosite).  It was a lovely visit.

When we left, we stumbled across a great outdoor cafe, and had a refreshing and well deserved glass (or two) of rose while people watching.

Alas, I come to our quandary of the day.  How to get back to our hotel.  We (unwisely it turns out) decided to exit the grounds on the opposite side which we entered.  (The Champs Elysee starts/ends at The Louvre).  The Champ Elysee was blocked off and uncrossable awaiting the arrival of the riders of the Le Tour de France.  We (grudgingly) made our way through the crowd (passing under the road on the opposite side we should have been on) and walked along Blvd. St. Honore back to our hotel.  Or so we thought.  We arrived at our intersection only to discover that we cannot cross the Champs Elysee to get back to our hotel!!!!   Dale's proposed idea was to have us WALKING BACK TO THE LOUVRE TO CROSS THE STREET - NOOOOOOOO!!!!!).  Andrew and I were having no part of that discussion and thought there had to be a better way.  Dale spoke to a member of the constabulary who suggested we take the Metro and go under Champ Elysee instead of trying to cross it.  Doh!  We made it back within 10 minutes (3 metro stops), had a drink in the lounge (sustenance!) and back to our rooms until dinner.

We had dinner at a great Italian restaurant called Casa di Delfo on rue de la Tremoille.  It was small, but you could tell they had a lot of regulars.  The food was simply delicious.  Starters of a charcuterie plate and a bruschetta with tuna.  Entrees - pasta al olio and tagliatelle with chunks of smoked salmon.  Dessert - homemade vanilla ice cream and tiramisu.  Wow - great food, awesome service.  Would go back for sure!

A demain!

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  1. Sounds so awesome Jo-Anne! Wish we were there!!!