Day 1 - UK or Bust

Our flight to the UK was relatively uneventful.  We took off about an hour late.  We knew something was up when the flight crew came on the PA system asking if anyone speaks Persian.  Then we overheard mutterings of needing a doctor.  Oi vey!  Since we had been taxiing for take-off, they turned the plane around and had to go back to the gate to drop off the infirmed individual.  One hour later, we were on our way.

This was our first long-haul flight in the Executive Class pods (gotta love Aeroplan points!).  I have to say I don't really love them.  It's not all that convenient if you are travelling with someone as it's difficult to speak to each other - either across the aisle or over the rear half-wall of the pod.  Lying flat was nice, but we found the seats a little on the firm side.  Yes, I know, and people in hell want ice water...

All was made better by the arrival of the evenings menu, which of course included copious amounts of wine and even champagne - yes, real champagne.

The Pod

Drinks before Dinner

First Course

There were three courses after this - when am I supposed to sleep??

I managed to snooze for a few hours after watching Green Zone with Matt Damon - didn't see the end, but don't spoil it for me!  They woke us up for breakfast an hour before landing.

Customs was quite easy.  Since we had been lucky enough to fly in Executive, we were given a Fast Track pass which helped us breeze through the long lines at Heathrow.  Excellent!  We got our bags and after a mix-up with the cab company, were on our way to Andrew's place in Gerrard's Cross.

The weather this day was overcast and about 22C.  We got settled in, had a nap and waited for Andrew to arrive at home.  We went to his Local for dinner and took a walk around the town.  A nice little village - with many shops and restaurants.

Menu at The Pub

Smoked Haddock Fish Cake

In the morning we are leaving for Paris on the Eurostar.  So far so good across the pond.

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  1. I echo your comments about the strange first class "pods". But enroute to Japan the food is also quite good, and you can even get a traditional Japanese multi course Kaiseki meal served on beautiful porcelain.