Scallop Saute w/ Miso Sauce

We bought a bag of frozen scallops several months ago.  I was foraging in the freezer in the basement and came across them.  Lots of treats awaiting some creation down there - 1/2 a rack of red deer chops, duck breast, duck confit, mahi-mahi, flying fish and a TON of beef!

This recipe I found on Epicurious.  One of my favourite sites because of it's advanced search features and the ability to create your own recipe box of your favourites.

I served the scallops on some steamed spinach and some jasmine rice.  (As a cheat, when I've left it too late, the Uncle Ben's Express Basmati Rice is great!  2 minutes in the microwave, add 1/2 tsp sesame oil and 1/2 c chopped green onion.  Excellent lazy girl's pilaf!).

I apologize for the photo in advance - the Nikon battery was dead, so the little 7 megapixel Kodak had to do.  It smelled so good, I almost forgot to take a photo before diving in!

Do try this one.  Yes, I do happen to keep Miso in my fridge (I like making miso soup).  It provides umami to the dish.  In a pinch you could substitute some mushroom soy sauce.

Here's the recipe from Epicurious:

Would I make this again?  Absolutely!

Bon appetite!

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