Risotto - Perfected

I have attempted risotto several times over the years and have had some great recipes to work from.  I am, however, constantly unable to achieve the quality I get in restaurants.  A creamy, slightly al dente risotto.  Mine usually tends to come out a tad on the starchy side.

Success at last!!  I was reading through one of my cookbooks for some inspiration and came across Mario Batali's recipe for lobster risotto.  Two thumbs AND two toes up!  Excellent!  It had the nice creamy texture (without adding cream) and flavour I had been looking for all these years.  Only change I made was to use a Canadian Lobster vs. the Spiny Lobster (the Canadian ones were on sale).

Here is the link for the recipe on The Food Network website.

I think what also led to my success was his ratio of water to rice.  Most of the recipes I had been using it was a 4:1 ratio.  By the time I finished, it was closer to 8:1.  Also tried a different brand of rice.  I usually used the Arborio rice by Primo.  An excellent product I'm sure, but not for the risotto I wanted to make.  I bought some Vialone Nano at my neighbourhood Italian Specialty store.

I finished it with a slight drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.  Simply perfection.

Molto Bene Mario!

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