British Columbia

Took my first visit out to British Columbia last week.  Beautiful place - yes, I can see what all the fuss is about.  As an Ontario girl born and raised, I can appreciate the vistas of BC - the lakes, the general grand scale of the scenery.

Kelowna is lovely - lots of shops, lots of restaurants and the scenic Okanagan.  Took a trip up to Mission Hill Winery - perfect backdrop for a wedding or cocktail party.  Brought back a few nice wines - my favourite was a Viognier which Mission Hill is now making - their first time.  Not yet available in Ontario, soon I hope!

Next stop was Vancouver.  We were able to make it out to a sushi restaurant.  The quality of the seafood was definitely noticeable.  Very fresh - some of the best sushi I have ever had.

My favourite stop on the trip had to be the trip to Granville Island Market.  What a place!  Jaw dropping beautiful produce.  As I started walking through, I realized that I had to make sure my little digital camera was handy and on.  The peaks of strawberries, beds of olives and rows of deliciously baked golden bagels were very tantalizing.  Thankfully we got there shortly after breakfast, so weren't too tempted to indulge in the many varieties of chocolaty goodness.

My one wish is that there was something on a similar scale available here in Ottawa.   The Byward Market is a very suitable substitute - our local farmers do a wonderful job of presenting their wares.  Perhaps a trip downtown to my own city with my camera is in order??

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