Say Cheese!


Well - this past weekend, I tried my hand at making cheese - something I love almost more than any other food.  Ask any of my siblings about what our favourite snack is - and invariably it's crackers and cheese, or cheese-on-bread LOL.

I ordered a kit from and it came as advertised (plus a nice little extra tax from Revenue Canada - pricks).  I digress...

The cheese turned out much better than I ever imagined.  I made a batch of feta using goat's milk - remarkably available at my small town Independent Grocer.  I also made a batch of mozzarella.  The end result - 1 US gallon of whole milk, made just under 1 lb of delicious mozzarella.  I pulled it quite a bit at the right stage, and once cooled, had a nice firm texture - suitable for grating for pizza.  The only change I would make, would be to add a little more flaked salt next time - just a personal preference.

The feta turned out wonderful - nice firm texture, perfect for crumbling over my next Greek salad (even though I was positive I cut the curd too soon.).

Next step - cheddar!!


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