Chinese BBQ Pork Ribs

Long weekend, beverages, pool, reggae - what else can I do?  BBQ!!

I decided to do two versions (as there were two full racks in the package we thawed - get these at Food Basics when they're on sale - great deal!)

One rack with my traditional rub.  The other was my first try at Chinese BBQ Pork.  It was very tasty!  When trying to decide which one of the miriad of recipes for this there was, I was trying to find one that was pretty authentic (yes, I know you are wondering how I knew it was authentic if it was my first attempt...).  I was really looking for one with the most authentic ingredients and NO red food colouring.  The pink colour in BBQ should only come from the smoke.  Period.

Here are the recipes:

I served it with some Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad - added more veggies to make it a one-dish side dish :-)

Hasta al primera vez!

P.S.:  I added 1/2 tb peanut butter and 1 tsp sesame oil to the vinaigrette for the salad!  :-)  25-05-10

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